A hearty welcome to you to our Luxurious Banquet Halls which is in between Muvattupuzha & Kothamangalam, known as the C9 EVENT CENTER, Puthuppady (a unit of C9 HOSPITALITY).

Every now and then in our lives we meet people, be it at work or in our daily lives and every once in a while we feel the need to share and spread our happiness with those around us. And right at that moment, a seed is planted in our head to see that event come through. Here, at C9 we do just that. We bring your dream to life by putting together and organising events as per your taste. And because of the different kinds of halls and facilities that we provide we are usually able to pull it off with much ease. Be it a small group of people or a larger group, C9 caters to all with efficiency.

The Property being located in an open area with very few inhabitants means that you celebrate and rejoice not just in the event that you partake but also simply the utter scenic beauty of the place. C9 was built keeping in mind the traditional styles of Kerala architecture and that of the modern day era, the best of both worlds, if you will. It was very important for us to give our clients luxury while not taking away from the natural essence of the place. Which is why, it be indoors or outdoors, C9 is able to do them all beautifully. You'll see a lot of open spaces that give the entire place a vibe of permissibility keeping it in sync with the nature.

c nine events

The entire property is a two acre stretch with great landscaping, state-of-the-art interiors, plenty of facilities and much more. So, please join us at C9 EVENT CENTER to celebrate The Gift of Life. And we guarantee that the guests would all go back with the most beautiful of memories.